Introducing The 7 Powerful Secrets You Need To Recruit Like CRAZY

Much had been spoken about the “new norm”, and many people are rushing into the Network Marketing industry to keep their family financially secured.
When we combine the new norm with network marketing, we learn that almost all the old rules are obsolete and no longer applicable.

New Norm Network Marketing is happening.
If you are agile and flexible, you win the new race with new skills.
Break the old rules, adapt to the new approach to network marketing in the new norm, right now.

Hi, I'm Cheanu Chew — Network Marketing Coach

I coach clueless network marketers 😵 who are struggling with their businesses 😓 on developing highly personalized strategy to transform their professional identities both online and offline, and expanding their network without the pain of being alienated by their friends. I was also featured in an Exclusive Interview with Personal Money—a leading publication on personal finance—to speak for the network marketing industry.

People also know me as the ‘Viral Networker’ a.k.a. the accidental founder of the 🛒 ‘Remote Groceries Shoppers’ movement that saved the lives of hundreds of househusbands during the start of the pandemic lockdown in Malaysia. My viral post led to big supermarket chains introducing personal shopper services, as well as online order and drive-thru pick-up services across the country! That’s how powerful a well-crafted social media post can be!

Back to network marketing… it breaks my heart 💔 to see potential aspiring entrepreneurs fail in this industry that offers abundance, simply because they were misguided since day one. I am a strong advocate for those who embark on this journey to first gain total clarity of their full potential, their work profile and to understand the skills needed to get started and stay in the game for the long-term.

If you are in Network Marketing or MLM, this
7-Week Intensive Coaching Course will help you:


You’ll learn to be engaging on social media and attract interested leads to you without posting promotional posts, that so many untrained network marketers are doing. Learn to stand out among the rest.

Thrive With Your Tribe

Wonder what can network marketers from different companies create as a group?
A powerful tribe that surpasses competition, that transforms how we do what we do.
It is not just a coaching program—it is a MOVEMENT—and we are just getting started.

Cheanu is one of the most inspiring and dedicated coach whom I have come across. Try one of his free workshops to find out for yourself. Highly recommended.
Amanda Leong
Professional Metaphysics, Fengshui, Bazi & Reiki Master
I knew Cheanu more than a decade and he never fails to amaze me as a network marketing coach. He is brilliant, always positive and filled with ideas, someone who never stops improving oneself and always filling others with positivism. A funny and cheerful guy who is worth connecting and working with, definitely!
Helena Wong
HR Admin at DUG
Cheanu is an intelligent and interesting individual to talk to. We had the pleasure of learning together, and I was impressed by his communication skill. He was concise in his delivery and was assertive in communicating his value. Looking forward to learning more together!
Michelle Lim
Education, L&D, Digital Communications Specialist
'Ridiculously positive’ is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Cheanu. I had the pleasure of speaking with Cheanu earlier on Presentation Mastery topic and he is able to point me to clarity. I was always in awe of Cheanu’s ability to stay active and helpful in one of our common group chat. If you are looking for someone who is knowledgeable in network marketing, I'll recommend you to him.
Samantha Tang
Franchise Business, Google Business Group Lead
In the short time I have known Cheanu he has displayed humour and passion for his industry. I can feel how much he wants his students and colleagues to succeed. His infectious energy would drive anyone to improve themselves.
Aliza Kim
Islamic & Social Impact Influencer, Speaker, Brand Ambassador, TV Personality

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