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Nourish your body, mind and emotions

Simple-to-follow ideas to inspire your journey to wellness

About This E-book

An Essential Guide for Your Wellness and Self-Care

Unlock the key information you’ve been looking for in this e-book, which contains all the tips on how-to and what-to for your self-care, wellness, nourishment and meditation practices. All these essential information are right at your fingertips when you need them the most.

Key Features

365 Tips for Personal Wellness

Easy-to-follow, simple tips you can practice everyday, anytime, anywhere.

Healthy Food Guides

Benefits of some common foods you may not know about.

Mindfulness Practices

For stress reliefs, inner peace and enjoying the present moment.

Why Did I Write This E-book

I have always wanted to write a book. Always. However, this goal of mine always got clogged up in the “New Year Resolutions brought forward” list, and had been there for quite some time.

This e-book is part of a charity drive initiative. Profits are donated to the needy and less fortunate. It’s also my first published e-book. It’s funny how a single mission focusing outward can make all the difference in self-motivation to accomplish an old goal.

My family and I had been volunteering and working closely with Ti-Ratana Welfare Society and Sukha Dhamma School. I’m glad we started our daughter young in charitable works, as she learnt a different perspective in how the community works, and how grateful we are to have what we have.

Recently, I had an in-depth understanding of the scale of work they need support in, and there’s no way they will be self-sufficient in the near future. On 1st Jan 2019, my family and I were invited to go on a tour around the village. The village consists of 7 main sectors to support (old folks’ home, orphanage, baby shelter, women shelter, teenage boys shelter, teenage girls shelter, disabled folks’ home) and they run entirely on donations and volunteers. Yet, the amount of efforts and attention needed is still overwhelming. Seriously.

Something sparked in me that day, after the visit. I asked myself, “What can I offer? How can I contribute?” And then I saw the flooding posts on social media from my friends around the world, posting up their “#newyearnewme” resolutions. Then out of nowhere, my “book writing” resolution jumped right at me. I wanted to do it quickly before I gave myself time to get distracted again. So I put on my working hat, and started writing this e-book tirelessly. Some of my friends who are experienced in internet marketing advised me to break it down into a 3-books series, with 100 tips in each book, so I can sell it for 3 times more. It was a sound advice, but my intention is to just launch my first charity drive for the year, with the milestone of my first book written; simultaneously checking off 2 major accomplishments early on in 2019.

Hopefully, we can make a difference to them this coming festive season. And while making a difference in them, I hope that my e-book that’s packed with useful tips can make a difference in you too. 

Let us build a kinder community together.

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