Wait, what? Is that all there is to living a fulfilling life?

Of course not. There are also: quality time with family, contribution to the community, learning and growth, spirituality, hobbies, passion, traveling and hundred of other things that give meaning to your life. For some of us, they have the luxury to have all these things effortlessly. But for most of us, it remains, well, a luxury  a luxury too far of reach, especially for the #BurgerGen. In fact, the “Burger” Generation deserves it the most — they’re the most hardworking group in our TaC Club.

Are you a #BurgerGen?

Let’s find out.

You work on a job. Perhaps your spouse works on a job too. Or maybe you’re running a small business. You work hard to bring in the income needed to support your elderly parents who are facing increased medical costs. Your children are young and growing fast; but each year, you worry about their increased education fees. You feel overwhelmed, as if you’re sandwiched in between the two generations — smashed in the middle… like a burger.

If this is true for you, then you’re a #BurgerGen.

Get Unstuck from The "Burger" Generation

When your child was brought into this world, there was typically one thing that came to your mind — “I’d never want to leave my baby.”

But soon you found yourself in a job you call work and your spouse keeps their job too, for the family. Or maybe, you’re one of the lucky ones; running a small business. But you rarely have the time to be with your family. Either way, you can’t afford to take some time away from work.

For that, you sacrificed your goals and your dream lifestyle.

The thought of going to work, leaving your child with a babysitter and missing their milestones, is far from the ideal desired lifestyle you once had.

Each morning, you long for a change.
But not for long. Not anymore.
Here’s why…

You'll Do Life Differently™

Experience the global phenomenon that will change your life, forever.

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Hi, I'm Cheanu Chew

TaC Club (Teach A Chief) is where you’ll learn to be the chief of your own tribe. I’m passionate about growing a tribe of entrepreneurs in a strong culture of leadership that enables them to create financial abundance and personal freedom with scientifically proven tools and resources. 

I empower people to own their own life and to achieve more, better and different results in life — more freedom, more income, better health, better options, different lifestyle, different destinies.

For the past 14 years, I have personally mentored people from all walks of life — ordinary people with extraordinary willpower to make a change in their lives — stay-at-home parents, single parents, working parents, parents working 2-3 jobs, as well as parents-to-be. With a little guidance and some faith, you can live your life a little fuller when you are being more, better and different.

P.S. I will be one of the mentors assigned to guide you.

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We have a complete team who can guide you on matters such as health, beauty, wealth and destiny, as well as finding your path of least resistance to creating your desired level of success with TaC Club.

Professionals who are experts and specialists in the field such as medical doctors, aesthetician, and renowned metaphysics consultant are coming together to ensure that YOUR NEEDS ARE MET so you can enjoy a fulfilling life with your loved ones, when you join TaC Club.

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